Vodat Unified Managed Payment Solutions

Our Unified Payment solution is the answer to your Multi Channel compliance issues!

Unified Payments is Vodat International’s level 1 PCI DSS compliant managed payment service that provides UK retailers with a single, fast and secure interface for all EFT transactions, generated through stores, e-commerce, m-commerce, mail order, land lines, mobiles and telesales. The service is managed totally by Vodat International through our own secure resilient network from the payment terminal through to the acquirer.

Web based transactions are verified at the point of entry and pre-delivery. The service is unique in providing a comprehensive audit and analysis of potentially fraudulent transactions. It also provides you with unique cross referencing amongst stores, telephone and on-line sales. This enables you to sell in one channel and redeem, refund and accept returns in another.

We guarantee to completely de-scope your store pos systems for PCI DSS now, and in the future.

The Vodat Managed Payment service is not just another service wrap of a first generation service, this is a true second generation system designed to use the power of today’s communication technology, working with proven terminal and banking software.

The unique thin client solution for card present transactions, means that all transactions are processed through a secure communications path using TSL in the network.

Standalone or integrated, the choice is yours. The integrated version employs our epos independent EFT client to manage interaction with the POS, keeping the POS out of scope for PCI DSS. The thin client technology brings the benefits of easier deployment, maintenance and the inevitably cheaper thin client terminals being brought to the UK market. The local payment terminals are controlled through a remote payment gateway on servers at our triangulated secure data centres. It has interfaces to a wide range of Chip n' Pin devices, including contactless and new generation thin client devices. It handles any card format from debit, credit to fuel and gift cards.

All of this helps to protect your payment processes from potentially expensive changes in PoS software, as well as putting you in a strong negotiating position with your acquirers to help manage charges.

The back end switch application with 'message mapper', enables the system to process any of the above cards form stores, telephone or on-line through to any acquirer. This switch incorporates an optional fraud detection and analysis tool 'Fractals', employed by many UK and European banks to combat fraud. Tokenisation ensures that transactions processed over any channel can be securely cross-referenced across each of those channels, using HRM encryption tools to safeguard the sensitive elements.